The Advantages of Using Dog Backpacks

Take your Dog Hiking with a Dog Backpack

backpacks for dogsGo ahead! Put your dog to work. They can carry their own supplies with a dog backpack.  A lot of hikers and backpackers like to take their dog along with them on hikes. No matter the length of the trip, you always have to make some extra room for your four legged friends supplies.

Different Types of Backpacks for Dogs

Dog Backpack Carriers

 The moment you decided to become a pet owner, was the same time you also decided to become a responsible one. Owning a pet does not end with providing their basic needs like food and shelter. They are almost like humans who need respect and to be treated in the best possible way. When you leave you home and you travel, you cannot just leave them home alone, being a responsible owner you have to think about their safety. You can either leave them with someone or somewhere you know they will be safe or you can bring them with you.

But you cannot just carry them throughout your entire travel; instead you need something that can help you carry them around. That is where Dog Backpack carriers come in. These backpacks look similar to bags used in school with some adjustable straps. They were actually designed to help you secure your dogs in the most comfortable position while you travel. This help you also to have some quality bonding time with them as you carry them at your back providing the feeling of warmth. This type of bag has been proven useful for so many people who love to travel with their dogs. Aside from its quality that can last for years, it also give its owners as much comfort as it give their pets.

Dog Backpack Carriers

Large dog Backpacks

 If you own a large dog like a St. Bernard, you can give them a large dog backpack that is perfectly suitable for them. Backpacks for large sized dogs are used for  dogs that are around 80 to 110 lbs. These types of bags are made and designed to anatomically fit the contours of your large dogs.

Their capacity is equally distributed on the backs to prevent strain and stress on your dogs. This can also be adjusted for a perfect fit and provide comfort and prevent  the agitation of your pets while using it. These are perfect for outdoor activities like walking, long distance traveling, trailing and hiking. Most companies have different varieties but they always take into consideration the quality and durability of materials used. This will surely be a big help for you and for your dog as you have fun outside the comforts of your home.

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Medium Dog Backpacks

 When choosing the best backpacks for dogs, you have to take a lot of things into consideration including the durability, the quality and also the comfort it will give your pet dogs. You have to choose a dog back pack carrier that will provide  adequate room and space for your pet. You don't have to sacrifice your pet's comfort more than anything else; you know how dogs can get easily agitated when stressed out.

So the size actually matters especially when you consider what type of dog you own and the carrying capacity you need. Some examples of such packs are medium dog backpacks. These are usually used for medium sized dogs like retrievers that weigh at about 40 to 80 lbs. These types of backpacks are built for trips when you have an extra carrying capacity needed. These backpacks carry some canine capacities like water, bowls, first-aid supplies, toys and even food. It can also be removed easily for your pet's comfort from time to time.

Selection of Medium Dog BackPacks

XL Dog Backpacks

Great Danes, Saint Bernards, Newfoundlands - Do you have this size of dog a and are looking for an extra large dog backpack?  Then we can help you find one for sale. Remember that a large dog breed will require equipment tailored to their size. .   I wouldn't recommend filling it up with heavy items (canned food!) if you are using a XL backpack on your smaller dog as it may hurt them.

Extra Large Dog Backpacks for Sale

MountainSmith Dog Backpacks

Carefully designed by members of American Kennel Club in close association with top small animal vets, the Mountainsmith dog backpack is comfortable and affordable. Lined within with fleece, they also sport various handy and practical pockets that become ideal to store away spare leash or any other item you might need quick access to while hiking. With comfortable chest and belly straps, soft polypropylene webbing, 3 different adjustable straps for fixing, D-Ring on harness so you may clip a leash where necessary and reflective trim for safety – these Mountainsmith dog backpacks are a great way to go hiking with your canine friend.

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Small dog backpacks

 Your cute little pets like your Chihuahua or your Poodles are like your little friends and angels that you care for that much. You not only give them what their basic needs are but you also treat them more than what they deserve. When you leave the house or when you go and travel in a far place, you don’t just leave your dog behind; instead you bring them with you.

Well, it won’t be a problem much since you can purchase yourself Small dog Backpacks to help you carry your dog around. Have you noticed the latest trend today? You don’t just own yourself a pair of cute accessories, but instead a lot of people are having and taking good care of small dogs by carrying them around in a stylish backpack.  You can see how celebrities bring their dogs with them in small, cute bags. These small dog backpacks should help you carry your dog with comfort and ease. They cater to dogs with small sizes at around 10 pounds and under.

Sweet Small Dog Backpacks

Purpose of Dog Backpacks

If you are an environment lover and an animal lover at the same time, you can have fun being both as you try to seize a day with nature along with your best buddy, your dog. If you plan on doing some mountain trailing or hiking with your pet dog, carrying some things or important stuff that can no longer fit in your bag won’t be a problem much longer because your dog pal can help you with it through his own Dog Backpack. These packs are strapped on the back of the dog and are made with quality and an economical price.

They are perfect for outdoor activities such as daily walks. A dog backpack has chest pads under the straps in front and perfectly fit around your dog’s shoulder to prevent any stress and fatigue. Its wide pack enables the weight of its load to spread and prevent it from stressing on the center of your dog’s back. This bag usually has a saddlebag style that contains dual compartments. If you worry about your pet dog’s comfort, it has its breathable mesh back that includes a pocket to help your dog feel cool aside from providing more storage spaces.

Big name companies like Kyjen, Kelty and Mountainsmith make backpack for dogs. They come in all shape and sizes. Price ranges from $25-$100+.Ask around and see if any of your hiking friends are using one and what they would recommend.

dog backpack

There are many different types of dog backpacks you can buy. But the most important thing to know when you go to shop is the weight of your dog. Backpacks are fitted to dogs by weight, too light and the dog won't pay proper attention to it, too heavy and you can cause your dog serious injury. Even under ideal circumstances, with the healthiest dog, you should never allow a dog to carry more than 25 percent of their body weight. For smaller and older dogs, that goes down to 15 percent. Remember if you overburden your dog, you can cause serious injury to their back and spinal column.

Dog packs typically consist of an under-harness that provides support and stability, and with pouches hanging off each side. You will need to evenly distribute the weight among the packs, anything else will make it uncomfortable for the dog to wear, and any normal dog owner doesn't really want that

A dog backpack can also have a benefit you may not be aware of. Trainers and handlers around the world have noticed that when a dog is given a pack to carry it changes their attitude and behavior. The dog tends to concentrate more on the job at hand, which is to carry the weight, and thus tends to be less distracted by other things like squirrels, cars and people. People with excitable dogs may find that giving the dog something extra to do is all it takes to get the dog to settle down and walk calmly

These dog backpack carriers are great way to carry your tired out friend.  This obviously not going to work for your lab or anything other medium to extra large type dog, but for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and the like it is a great idea.  Not the greatest idea for going on long multiple days treks but great for a day hike.

One thing is for sure, once your dog starts using it's new backpack, you are going to wonder how you ever got along without it!