Collapsible Dog Bowls

Keep Your Dog Hydrated on the Go with Collapsible Dog Bowls

Whether you are going hiking, camping, or on a long vacation with your favorite canine companion having one or two collapsible dog bowls can make traveling with your pet more convenient for you and much more comfortable for them.

Dogs make great hiking companions but, like you the hot sun will dehydrate them and make them ill unless they get plenty of water along your hiking route.  Carrying a collapsible bowl makes it easy to pour your pooch a cooling drink along the route.  These bowls are great for traveling as well because they fold up small taking less space than that regular food and water dish.

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Collapsible dog bowls come in different sizes, colors, and materials.  There are even waterproof cloth collapsible bowls to make less weight for you to carry and still give you a bowl with enough room for your dog to have a decent drink of water or his nightly meal.  Keeping a collapsible bowl and a bottle of water is a good idea even if you are just running errands.

Cars get hot and dogs can overheat and dehydrate quickly even when the windows are cracked on a hot summer's day so having a handy water bowl and some water to give your dog a drink between errands will help to keep him healthy and happy.

When choosing a collapsible bowl for your dog choose one that holds enough food and water to feed him and give him a decent drink.  Smaller dogs will be able to use much smaller bowls than will a large dog. While refilling the bowl may not be a problem your dog still needs to be able to get his muzzle in the bowl to eat and drink properly.

While you don't actually need a collapsible bowl to take along on those trips with your dog and their regular food dish may work just fine, a collapsible bowl is easier to store and more convenient to carry in a backpack or fit into a space in a loaded car.  And since these bowls are really inexpensive with many selling for under ten dollars having one for traveling simply makes sense.

You can find collapsible dog bowls in most pet shops that carry dog supplies, in the camping department of sporting good stores or online.   Shopping online for these dishes may result in greater savings but, do watch for shipping charges as sometimes this makes the price considerably high than those you can buy locally.

If you travel with your pet, then shouldn't he have his own special collapsible dog bowl for traveling in comfort?